I am Confused About My Career After B.Com.. What to Do?
Career after B.Com

Bachelor in Commerce (B.com) has been one of the most popular courses taken by students. The reason for its popularity is the diverse path avenues it offers to one belonging to the commerce background. B.com stands apart from other commerce courses as it equips one with the knowledge of both the corporate world and entrepreneurship.

However, what needs to be noted is that in this world of stiff competition, it is not possible for one to stand apart with a mere B.com degree. That’s where a comprehensive range of courses, competitive exams, and career options need to be meticulously searched to get a high-paying job.

At Mind Mirror, we aim to simplify your research by compiling everything in one place. Within this blog, we will be extensively exploring the career options after B.com and other such related options.

Courses to do after B.com

Many students opt to pursue higher studies after completing B.com. The purpose behind it is to elevate the chances of getting a good job which comes as a benefit when one takes up the additional courses. Below is the list of a few courses to pursue after B.com:

  • Master of Business Administration

MBA is one of the best courses to take after graduation. The course comes with various specializations like finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc., which widens the horizon to learn the aspects of the subject.  This degree can get you managerial positions in the sector. To pursue this degree, one needs to take an entrance exam called CAT. Common Admission Test scores decide in which college one will get admission.

In one of our blogs, we have talked in detail about the jobs that one can get in different specializations. To know more about the career opportunities after MBA as per the specialization, read I am confused about my career after MBA… What to do? 

  • Chartered Accountants 

Chartered Accountants is another popular course choice after B.com. Unlike an MBA, it can be chosen as soon as one completes its 12th. What’s even better is to know that one can take up this course along with their B.Com. C. A comprises three levels whose exams are being conducted annually. It is a financial professional course where one practices taxation, auditing, managing budgets, etc.

It can last for 3 years assuming a student is passing each level in a single attempt. The completion of the course goes along with doing an internship simultaneously.

  • Company Secretary

This is another course that is considered best for its feasibility right after the 12th. Company Secretary is a course that manages managerial aspects of the company leading the ranking along with the CEO and CFO. A CS’s job is to supervise and regulate the legal rules and documentation. They look after its handling and management additionally looking after the implementation of legal rules within the company.

Like CA, it has three levels which can be taken along with pursuing a B.Com degree.

  • Masters in Commerce

It is a postgraduate course which lasts for 2 years. A master in commerce allows one to learn the concepts in detail for the B.com subjects. This course is best for one who is looking to work in the sectors of banking, economics, accounting, etc. Like MBA, masters also provide the option of specialization in subjects in Commerce which comes as a subpart of subjects learned in B.Com.

  • Diplomas

A diploma is another good option to go with after B.Com. Below is the list of a few of the diploma degree options after the B.Com degree:

  • Diploma in Business Management 
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting 
  • Diploma in Business Analytics 
  • Diploma in Foreign Trade.
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance
  • Diploma in International Business
  • Diploma in Insurance
  • Diploma in Corporate Law
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing 
  • Diploma in Stock Market Trading and Operations

Career after B.Com

Courses are where we don’t stop. One can get jobs in the various sectors of commerce with a B.com degree. Below, we have listed some possible sectors where one can find a plethora of job opportunities: 

  • Banking:

Career Opportunities:Bank Teller, Loan Officer, Financial Advisor, Credit Analyst, Financial Clerk, Auditor, Accountant, Credit Analyst, Wealth Manager. 

  • Taxation

Career Opportunities: Agent/Broker, Tax Consultant, Tax Manager, Underwriter, Tax Compliance Officer, Tax Advisor, Payroll Specialist 

  • Insurance and Risk Management

Career Opportunities: Actuary, Risk Manager, Insurance, Broker/Agent, Loss Control Specialist, Risk Surveyor, Insurance analyst.

  • International trade: 

Career Opportunities:  Import/Export Manager, Marketing Specialist,Global Sourcing Manager, International Business Consultant, Shipping Specialist, Trade, Finance Officer

Summing up, 

Within this blog, we tried splitting out information regarding career opportunities after B.Com. It is judicious to note that each course and career opportunities mentioned here has its own set of criterias and eligibility. So it is advisable to conduct a thorough research before choosing any courses or jobs. At Mind Mirror, we offer counseling to each student through which we assist you even after you graduate. Let us know your views in the comments and reach out to us for help. We will be more than happy to serve you!