I am confused about my career after BA.. What to do?
career after BA

Are you the one who is looking for career options after B.A.? Well, you are on the right place! Bachelor of Arts ( B.A) graduates often find themselves stuck in the diverse avenues available. The degree comes as a gateway to a myriad of career opportunities which makes it often more difficult to figure out on which path to walk. B. A degree is far more advanced than other degrees as it encompasses versatility among individuals. It teaches a set of skills both practically and theoretically. That makes it a good opportunity for the student to explore career paths and excel the same.

Within this comprehensive blog, we aim to help you to know the various career opportunities after B.A to opt for. 

  • Masters in Arts

Though not a career in itself, pursuing a master’s in Arts is a good option for the long run. This is because, in this world of cutthroat competition, it is often not easy to find a good-paying job with a bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree comes as a rescue in such cases as it helps you secure a good position and stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, this also helps you in gaining a wider horizon by knowing about the subjects in depth. So, that’s how you will learn more about the subjects you are interested in which is beneficial in professional life.

  • Law

Law is one of the most chosen subjects after B.A. To become a lawyer, one has to pursue a course like LLB. This course is for graduated students who wish to study law. It is a 3-year course that covers every aspect of law. 

Law as a career is very promising to ensure financial success. It opens the door for taking up legal professionals including

  • Lawyer
  • Advocate
  • Legal Advisor
  • Solicitor
  • Lecturer 
  • Business Management

If you are one who has a knack for the field of business, the good news is that you can still take up a career in it without having a commerce background. This is possible by pursuing Management in Business Administration (MBA) and following the interested specification. Within one of our blogs, we have widely noted down the scope which can prove to be a good read for you. 

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This can open your door to become a lead face in the following fields:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Administration
  • International Relations
  • Marketing
  1. Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing has emerged as a new field that has been booming exponentially in the last decade. That’s how it has been benefitting the younger generations by giving them more career opportunities.

Digital marketing is a spectrum that covers digital platforms, content creation, social media, advertising, etc. The key takeaway is to take up some additional digital marketing courses which can further polish the skills. Following are the career opportunities:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social media manager
  • Content Writer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Brand Manager 
  1. Government jobs 

Government jobs provide lucrative offers which makes the job worth doing. One can avail of various benefits by taking up government jobs which can secure one’s life professionally and personally. However, it needs to be kept in mind that there are certain criteria to qualify as a government job position holder. Following is the list of a few of the exams which are generally given:

  • UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission) 
  •  SSC ( Staff Selection Commission) 
  •  Defence Services ( Indian Army) 
  • State Public Services 
  • Indian Railways (via RRB exams) 
  • Indian Foreign Services 
  1. Designing

If you are the one who holds artistic views and has creativity, designing is a field open for you. In this field, you will find less competition but a good demand and high-paying jobs. You can excel in any of the design fields via specialized courses. Here is a list of a few of the options for career opportunities after B.A in the field of designing :

  • Graphic Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Fashion Designer 
  • Jewellery Designer 
  • Illustrator
  • Animator

Summing up,

To sum up, within this blog, we have covered a spectrum of career opportunities after B.A. We have clearly stated down the courses for enhancement and other takeaways to guide you in the best way possible. However, it is in the best interest to go with meticulous research for career opportunities and stay active in job-providing platforms. Remember, opportunity doesn’t come to you, one has to create them!