Psychometric Career Assessment Test For Students

Mind Mirror’s psychometric career assessment test is most advanced and accurate psychometric career test for students that will help them to take informed career decisions. It is highest rated career assessment platform in India.

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A Peek Into The Concept Of Psychometric Tests For Career Counselling

Once a student reaches standard 8, the pressure to select a stream starts mounting up. It is not uncommon that students and parents are often unaware of the possible opportunities. Thus, they are dictated to choose from very limited options. The whole career can be spoilt if the student goes on the wrong track due to their subject selection. A lot of students drop out after selecting their stream of subjects.

Why? The main reason behind this can be their lack of interest, or simply the subject does not sit well with the student’s aptitude and potentialities. Reports suggest that around 5-6 out of every 10 students change their minds about their career choices after they finish off their 12th standard – the reason being the same.

This is where the Psychometric Career Assessment Test makes the glorious entry. Ever since it made its entry, students are seeing drastic changes in stream selection and the career choice process.

What Is Psychometric Test?

Psychometric Career Assessment Test are nothing but a few science-backed assessment tools used to objectively measure a student’s intelligence, aptitude, abilities, behaviors, and personality traits. It is one of the best tools we use to understand your affinities and potentials to give every student the proper career guidance.

We use the perfect use of Psychometric tests to match a student’s abilities and personality to suitable career options. The saying goes like do what you love, or love what you do. While doing what you love gives you satisfaction and a greater chance at success, loving what you do can make you more competent in your job field. Our psychometric test helps us understand which side of the fence you are on.

People chance excellence but fail to get the proper guidance. Often, they reach their destination through trial and error. But, with our psychometric tests, you can eliminate the hassle of trial and error. We use scientific methodologies to measure your aptitudes in multiple cognitive areas. The assessment areas are countless and can include anything from mathematical abilities, numerical reasoning to a flair for people management and communication skills.

Why Do You Need Multiple Psychometric Tests?

Often people make the mistake of taking only a few tests to judge their aptitudes and capabilities. That is not enough! Psychometric assessment is a broad spectrum that needs more than one or two sessions to assess one’s cognitive and physical faculties fully. Interestingly, psychometric tests can also adjudicate an individual’s psychological and physiological readiness for a career.

Online Psychometric Career Assessment Test

People often make the mistake of getting Psychometric tests from online portals, who offer the following tests:

Aptitude test to understand what an individual is innately good at.

Personality tests to analyse if an individual is an extrovert, introvert, or an ambivert

Interest tests to find more about an individual’s outlook, belief systems, interests, and personal benchmarks.

However, it is wise to get Psychometric tests done from a professional organisation like ours. Connects with us to get authorized Psychometric tests from well-seasoned career counselors.

Types of Psychometric Tests For Career Counselling

The term “Psychometric Test” is an umbrella term that wraps up both personality profiling and ability testing. There are various types of psychometric tests. Here is a deeper insight into the most commonly used types of Psychometric tests:

Numerical Reasoning Tests

It is one of the most common Psychometric tests. Counselors use it to measure an individual’s ability to interpret numerical data. The tests see if the candidate can draw conclusions from either tabular or graphical data.

Logical Tests

This non-verbal test includes Abstract, Diagrammatic, Inductive, and Deductive Reasoning. Candidates are asked to draw logical conclusions based on patterns, shapes, words in Abstract Reasoning, shapes or metrics in Indicative Reasoning, and visual representations in Diagrammatic Reasoning. At the same time, Deductive Reasoning examines a candidate’s ability to apply a set of rules.

Verbal Reasoning Test

It assesses a student’s ability to understand a passage of text. Candidates are usually given a written passage and asked a few questions based on the given passage. You need to use the information that is written in the passage only to answer the questions.

How Do Psychometric Tests Help Students?

The primary purpose of getting Psychometric tests is to know about one’s abilities, skills, and limitations. Her’s how Psychometric tests help students:

  • Understanding Aptitude: Psychometric tests help understand what a student is truly capable of. Knowing the options is not enough. The students also need to know their potentials and affinity towards their possibilities.
  • Know Their Interests: Professions cribbing about their jobs is not uncommon. Students can also feel the same. Choosing a stream without interest can make a person gloomy and agitated. Psychometric tests can bring forth the student’s passions and interests.
  • Assess Their Strengths and Weaknesses: Along with knowing their interests, the students need to know their strengths and weaknesses. Having an interest in a particular field does not mean that they possess the necessary skills to proceed with the options. Psychometric Test determines the weaknesses and strengths of a student before suggesting a stream.
  • Analysation and Stream Selection: This is the final step. Using all the viable information and Psychometric test results, career counselors lay out all the suitable options for the student.

When Should You Take Psychometric Tests?

Taking psychometric tests at a young age will not show accurate results as the traits would still be in a growing phase. Thus, the best time to lean on Psychometric tests is at the transition time of standard 8, or higher like standard 10 or 12. Ideally, the tests should be when the student reaches the age of around fourteen or fifteen.

Get Started With Vertika:

Both students and professionals bring significant changes in their lives with the help of Psychometric tests. Vertika uses Psychometric tests to assess an individual’s innate talents and give them a much-needed direction and nudge towards success. Vertika offers students science-backed career counseling on stream selection. If you haven’t already connected with Vertika, do it soon. A shining future awaits you.