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Discover the Inner Talent with Mind Mirror’s DMIT Test

Science evolved, the arena of technology, and now the world of academics too! Welcome to the Mind Mirror, which blends your interest and our expertise to tailor a unique solution for choosing the crossroads of career paths. 


Forget those traditional ways to assess your strengths and weaknesses. In today’s time, it is the DMIT test that is ruling the world. But are you the one wondering where to get a DMIT test? Or are you the one looking for a DMIT test in Jaipur? 


If so, you are at the right place! Mind Mirror is your one-stop solution to offer you DMIT service at the most affordable price. 


Bringing you a package of recommendations aligning with your needs, below is the simplest way to know what DMIT is.

What is DMIT?

DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test. It is a kind of scientific study that creates patterns of fingers and brain lobes to correlate them with an individual’s personality. There are five lobes called Prefrontal, Frontal, Parietal, Temporal, and Occipital in the brain which are directly related to the fingers on hand. This advanced technology helps in knowing the innate potential, intelligence, and personality type of a person. It also assesses and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of a person. On a quest to search the innate, paving the way to success through the DMIT test can come with great benefits.

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Process of DMIT

Step 1

Fingerprint Collection

All the fingers of both hands need to be scanned with a digital scanner. This is because each finger shows different characteristics. Therefore, there is a need to go for scanning for both. 


 Step 2

Data Entry

After that, the fingerprints are analyzed BY the computer and produce data.

Step 3


Through parameters, analysis is being done where ridge count and pattern are considered.

Step 4

Result Generation

After that, the interpretation of recorded data is done, according to which results are generated. Following, the consultation takes place.

What DMIT measures?

Choosing DMIT, makes one know what they love and what more they can do. It gives a solid understanding of personality and helps one tailor a suitable learning style. Here is what DMIT measures: 


4 Dominant Personality Styles

Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.


9 Kinds of Intelligence

Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-kinesthetic, Musical, Existential, Naturalistic, Interpersonal, and intrapersonal.


5 learning style

Visual Learning, AuditoryLearning, Kinesthetic Learning, Reading/Writing Learning, Social Learning.


5 different quotients

Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Adversity Quotient (AQ), Creativity Quotient (CQ), and Spirituality Quotient (SQ)

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Vertika Sarkari

What are the benefits of the DMIT?

Effective Learning

By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, DMIT helps in elevating the learning experience. It can help one to recognize the learning style that suits them the best and to customize it accordingly.

Gives Clarity

It is beneficial for those who seek clarity on what subjects or courses to opt for. It clearly defines the interest, which can help one to seek a proper career path.

Tailored Guidance

To the career counselor and parents, who are the beacon of light, the DMIT test can help significantly to provide personalized guidance. 

Personal Development

By knowing what one lacks, a person can assess its weaknesses and try to strengthen them leading to personality development. It can also ensure one focuses on incorporating some healthy habits to enhance personality.

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Get Ready to Test Yourself Scientifically

Students nowadays are being burdened right from the choosing of the board to getting into college. This journey is arduous which Mind Mirror acknowledges. That’s why, we bring you a DMIT test at an affordable cost that can make your fingerprint a blueprint of your exceptional qualities. We bring you detailed insights, tailored recommendations, and continuous guidance to make you learn, see, and thrive! Reach out to us now and start your journey to the world of growth.


Why Trust DMIT with Mindmirror?

We don’t believe in palmistry, but we do believe in the hidden talent that lines on fingers depict-

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  • We use U.S. patent technology by bringing the recent trends to your plate.
  • Your information stays confidential with us.
  • We have solid scientific research as our bedrock.
  • Our analysis of DMIT test scanning is accurate and on point.
  • We make the process transparent by updating you on every step.
  • Clear communication is the key to us. We provide detailed instructions for your results.
  • Provide in-depth results to parents to know more about the children.

Not sure if Career Counselling Career Guidance is right for you?

Book a Career Brainstorm Session to explore your options with a counselor before opting for the full career guidance solution.

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Why Choose Mind Mirror?

Because, as our name says, we are the mirror of what you are! Nothing to hide, there are many in the market claiming to offer the DMIT Test. But what stands us apart is that we go beyond.

  • We offer assistance throughout. Just offering a DMIT test is not enough! At Mind Mirror we know that. Because of this, we provide you post assistance after scanning your results. We go beyond by having sessions of career counseling which can make the way out there cleaner.
  • We lend all ears. Yes, at Mind Mirror, we give all our expertise in quest to learn how well we could align your interest with your career. Reach out to us, we will hear out and tell you things about your career paths you didn’t know! 
  • Our years of expertise are the key. At Mind Mirror, we have career counselors with good years of experience who bring all their acumen to make you see what’s on your way. 
  • We stay up-to-date on trends. The world is beyond science and math and we know that. That’s where we bring guidance which is beyond the obvious. We bring up diverse career paths, avenues, and a plethora of opportunities on our plate.
  • Trustable. By staying the latest with technologies, our DMIT test in Jaipur is established with trusted sources. Acquiring all the information and knowledge about the technology, we intend to provide you with scans and testing relevant to the time.

What students usually ask us?


Career counselling is basically a process of making the students aware of the available career options for them as per their preference to study. Career development is a lifelong process and multiple factors affect your career decisions, including your area of interests, abilities, backgrounds, personalities, values, and circumstances. Career counselling helps you in understanding yourself and the corporate world in order to ensure better career, educational, and life decisions

We have a highly-efficient team of specialists who have a deep understanding of the student’s problems and have the ability to offer better counselling to them. Our career counsellors guide the pupils in developing awareness about career options and future job scopes. The expert counsellors take the students’ psychometric assessment and assist them in making the right decision.

It is quite common that students get stuck in the crucial stage of life. They do not know how to move ahead or which path to choose in order to get the best education and earn a high income in the future. In such a stage, students seek expert assistance from professionals so that they can make a perfect decision regarding their ambition and career. Career counsellors Curominds hold your hand and provide a vision to look to the best options after digging into your strengths and weakness.

With our career counselling, you can learn a great deal about your personality, hobbies, and way of acting. You can set attainable objectives and gain clarity about your profession with the aid of Mind Mirror’s career counsellors.

We investigate the patterns on our fingers using a technique called DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test). Our brains have five lobes: the prefrontal, frontal, parietal, temporal, and occiput. These 5 lobes are separated into 2 portions each because our brain is divided into the Left Brain and the Right Brain. When the kid is still in the mother’s womb, between the 13th and the 19th week of gestation, these lobes grow. Additionally, our fingerprints are created concurrently. The 10 lobes of the brain are connected by 10 fingers, each of which is connected to a specific lobe of the brain. Understanding a person’s innate potential is made easier by the DMIT analysis.

For every student and professional, career counselling is essential. The ideal career counsellor will combine your abilities and hobbies to help you choose the greatest career route for you. The benefit of career counselling is that it gives you a third perspective on your job options that is pragmatic and realistic.