Teen Mindset Coaching

Teenagers Mindset Coach

Some might say that teenagers are moody, frustrated nightmares. However, not to forget that the teenage mind is cluttered. Yes, they do react in specific ways, but teens need just the correct understanding. Their struggle is real – experiencing new physical changes, new feelings, and then there is school, friends, family!

Teens have to handle a lot of things – their social media presence, peer pressure, their crush – and a few adults trying to dictate them. Teens do need a space so that they can bloom and grow. The teenage years are a bit crooked, but probably one of the best phases of one’s life. These are the ripe growing age – the perfect time to mould a young mind, shaping it into the best version of themselves. They have just started to cruise through life – and do not necessarily know how to deal with every life situation. Many adults want to help their teens, but they do not know the scientific ways to do so. But, Our teenage mindset coaching from Vertika can help. We use evidence-based methods and strategies to motivate these wild teens to be more in touch with their happy selves, understanding their emotions and look for practical solutions.

Vertika Can Guide Your Teens

Not only has she authored her book “How To Handle Teen’s Stress,” Vertika has worked with several teens throughout her long career. This has given her more than substantial experience and knowledge on how children – adolescents and teenagers react to any manner of guidance. Vertika uses her experiences as teaching to reach out to the teens in ways they have never experienced before and helps them genuinely undergo the transformation they are more than capable of.


A very few adults have what it takes to tactfully help the raging teens figure out what they want most. Our teen mindset coach Vertika has the knack to understand the teen mind, laugh with them and help them create and execute a strategy to reach those goals. She is a certified teen mindset coach who has the right blend of knowledge, expertise and interest to help these growing kids conquer stress and build self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-awareness. Why are they always angry? Why are they lazy and emotionally distanced? Parents of teenagers have thousands of such questions brewing about their teen disasters. That is due to a lack of proper emotional growth. Most of the adults focus on the teens’ creative and intellectual development, ignoring their emotional growth. Vertika helps in the growth of the Emotional Intelligence Quotient in teens, making them more empathetic and more in touch with their emotions. Vertika takes the help of a science-backed system and several emotional intelligence exercises to inculcate the proper emotional intelligence growth.

A Bit About Our Teen Mindset Coaching:

Teen life coaching is not a recent discovery. It has been around for several years in the name of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Our life transformational coaching is specially designed to cater to teenagers. Vertika works on changing the way they see themselves irrespective of society and media influence instead of changing how they act. Our 15-days workshop includes a holistic examination of their life, such as their cultural identity, influencers, and messaging that may be a catalyst or hindrance to significant change. Our teen mindset coaching empowers the growing teens to rethink their end goal completely.


Your teen kids can benefit from our teen mindset coaching in making their life bloom in a more holistic way. Every teen harbours the immense potential to come out as the winner in life. Our teen mindset coaching is an effective way to tweak out that potentiality in them. Our coaching is like a professional friendship that guides the teens towards the right paths of life. To help them recognise their potentialities, their wants and goals are the priorities of our coach Vertika. She will guide teenagers to create new thoughts, habits, values, and happier lives.

How Does our Teen Mindset Coaching Work?

In our 15-days long teen coaching sessions, we help the teens evaluate their life – understanding what makes them happy, what could be better, and how to work on some aspects of life. Our coaching helps the wayward teens to inch closer towards the reality of a successful, contented life. We work to understand what makes the teens who they are – values, personality types, strengths and weaponise the findings to build their life, their minds and shape a better future.

Here’s how our program goes about:

  1. The teens will be guided to understand how to master their daily life.
  2. Next, the teens get to understand how to break the Brules.
  3. Progressing further, the brilliant teen acquire the art of reversing the gaps that have been created in their lives.
  4. We help the teens to create their happiness.
  5. Teens have several bad days – but being grateful is an acquired virtue. That is what we help inculcate in the teens – being grateful.
  6. The teens learn how to set end goals.
  7. We help the teens understand how to ask the right questions to better themselves, achieve goals and progress further.
  8. Our coach nudges the teens to understand how to create self-fueled goals, act upon achieving them and reach their destination.
  9. Last but not least, we help the teens to love themselves. Self-love is an essential aspect of growth. Without self-love, no goal can be achieved. Life does come in between, throwing hurdles in the way of success. But, with the virtue of self-love, they learn to accept themselves without any judgements and prejudices.

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Connect With Teen Mindset Coach Vertika

If you want your teens to knock out goals, and be more emotionally intelligent, then find your way to our Vertika. She will help your teen be a better person and eliminate thoughts that pull them backwards. Teenage is a very risky phase – proper guidance can help make the future smoother. Do you have a growing, raging, wild teen at home? Trust Vertika with your kids’ growth and development. Connect with our teen mindset coach Vertika soon.