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Meditation is a way of delving deep into oneself, training in awareness. It is not about being a different person or becoming even a better person. Rather, meditation is all about gaining a healthy perspective about oneself and getting in touch with the core of all senses. Learning the art of meditating is like acquiring a new skill. The myth is meditating means turning off the thoughts – instead, you accept them without judgments while meditating. Eventually, you will start to better understand them as well. Meditating at first might feel a tad bit overwhelming but with practice, you will taste comfort and peace. The mind is a weird place to be in. you will face setbacks, but, with practice, you will learn to get comfortable. This is where connecting with Vertika proves to be beneficial.

Vertika’s Meditation Program:

Vertika offers a 5-week Meditation program to those who want self-help to recover from stress and anxiety. The program also fits well with anyone who wants to build their inner strength. Vertika, with her 20 years of experience can aptly help you feel your inner happiness and recognize power from within.

Here’s how Vertika helps you:

Increase focus and control

She will help you increase focus and control your mind with the help of meditative methods.

High concentration power

Do you find it difficult to keep your concentration fixed? Vertika can help you keep the concentration power high with various meditative techniques.

Reduce your stress level

Meditating with Vertika can reduce your stress level considerably, and relax your mind.

Increase the happy hormones

Meditating can increase the happy hormones in your body.

Why Should You Meditate With Vertika?

There is no denying that our minds are lost in thought almost 47% of the time – in fact, researches from the esteemed Harvard University seal this information. These thoughts regularly stem from either dwelling in the past or incessant worrying about the future. These can in return hamper your way of living, rooting from anxiety, stress, and depression. Ignoring such problems can become overwhelmingly overpowering over oneself. However, meditation can help pull you away from the never-ending negative thoughts. This is not it. The benefits of meditation are more far-reaching than you might think.

Here, check out a few benefits of meditation:

  1. You will be able to handle and manage stress better, in a more effective way.
  2. You will have a better attention span.
  3. Mindfulness will be an added virtue.
  4. Increased self-awareness will be your advantage.
  5. You will have an improved and empowering emotional well-being.
  6. Meditation can sharpen your memory.
  7. Your fluid intelligence will be enhanced.
  8. Not many know that meditation can improve the immunity system.
  9. You will have increased patience and tolerance.
  10. You will be able to accept your thoughts and emotions better, without feeling restricted.
  11. Meditation helps you become more empathetic towards yourself and others
  12. You will be more calmed and relaxed.
  13. Negative thoughts will be far less.
  14. You will be able to focus more on the present.

Meditation And Mental Health

Our mind is always streaming jumbled thoughts. These thoughts crowd our minds to give rise to depression, anxiety, and many such mental illnesses. But, meditation produces a deep state of relaxation, putting the mind in a tranquil state. Meditation can also double as an effective psychotherapeutic technique. Meditation makes it possible to better manage the symptoms of conditions like the following:


Anxiety disorders

Sleep disorders

Meditation And Illness

Though not a replacement to traditional medical treatment, meditation can be an added catalyst in treating a few conditions better. Positivity often can bring huge progress in illnesses. That is exactly what medication does – inculcate positivity into your lives. There are a few illnesses that find their origin in stress. Again, as meditation reduces stress, these illnesses will find a fruitful solution with meditation. Though more research and strong evidence are needed to seal this claim, some researchers suggest that meditation can help manage symptoms of conditions like:

● High blood pressure
● Asthma
● Chronic pain
● Cancer
● Heart disease
● Tension headaches
● Irritable bowel syndrome

Types Of Meditation:

Meditation is not something that has been discovered recently. Yes, meditation is gaining popularity like wildfire in recent times, but it has its roots set deep into history. Several cultures all over the world have been practising meditation for thousands of years now. In fact religions like Hinduism, Buddism, Judaism, Christianity etc has emphasised on traditions using meditative practices. Some meditational practices can be religious, but, mostly, people practice meditation independently for better self-awareness and enhancement.

While Meditation has many different forms, there are two main types:

Concentrative Meditation

It is all about focusing the whole of your attention on a specific thought/feeling while tuning off everything else around you. Here, the target is to experience everything that you are focusing on, whether it’s your breath, a mantra, or a specific word. This will help you reach a higher state of being.

Mindfulness Meditation

The main idea here is mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Mindfulness variety of meditation focuses on addressing different issues, like depression. It is important to know that mindfulness meditative practices may have different focal points, varying from practice to practice. It helps you gain the state of being aware of and involved in the present moment. You will be able to be more open, aware, and accepting with the help of Mindfulness Meditation.

Connect With Vertika:


Meditation, for its wide range of benefits, is a good option for you if you need a better perspective in life and a calmer sense of self. However, being a newbie, it will not be something new, if you start to expect too much too quickly. Meditation takes time and practice to show fruitful results. That is why a guided help is always needed. Vertika, with her experience, and unique techniques can build a habit of meditation in you that can have a lasting impact on your mind, health and overall well-being.