I am Confused About My Career After BMM.. What to Do?
Career After BMM

Being a BMM student, are you the one who is confused about what career path to choose next? Well, you are not the only one. Confusion is normal when it comes to choosing between careers as the course in itself has various opportunities. And that confuses students career after BMM on what to choose out of a pool of hundreds. 

Within this article, we will be simplifying ways for you by untangling you the diverse path that lies ahead so you can better understand what career to choose after BMM. 

Understanding BMM

A bachelor’s in Mass Media which is often referred to as Mass Communication is an undergraduate course that lasts for three years. This course teaches students about various forms of media like newspapers, radio, television, etc, and hones the skill of the student to excel in the same. The further specialization in the course provides in-depth knowledge of media houses making it the best course for those who are interested in communication and creativity.

Career after BMM

Let’s face this; getting a job after BMM is not difficult. What’s difficult is to get a high-paying job! But don’t worry. Below we have mentioned a few of the specializations under BMM featuring the aspects it deals with job opportunities as part of it.

Journalism: This comes as part of specialization in the final year under the six semesters BMM consists of. Journalism is considered one of the popular choices among students of BMM. It is a course that involves gathering and presenting information for print or digital media. It can be done either in the form of visual, written, or verbal. This specialization covers a wide range of niches including crime, politics, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, etc. The role of a journalist is to highlight the issues and present the recent event without being biased or partial. Here are the following job titles that can be posited under journalism:

  • Editorial Assistant
  • News Reporter
  • Writer
  • Proofreader
  • Magazine Journalist
  • Newspaper Journalist
  • Multimedia Specialist 

Advertising: Advertising comes as a second option of specialization for BMM students in their final year. Advertisements are reaching popularity because of the possibility of never-ending demand and the lucrative jobs they offer. Its ever-growing need is quite visible with the thriving of social media platforms, billboards, television jingles, etc. Therefore, advertising is becoming a good option for those who are looking to infuse their dedication to collaboration and creativity. Following is the listing of the advertising jobs offered by the agencies:

  • Copywriter
  • Creative Director
  • Brand Manager
  • Web Designer

Radio Jockeying: Radio Jockey is another good option for those who are interested in hosting talk shows, podcasts, music shows, etc. Opting for radio jockeying is exciting but to get paid high in this job needs a lot of experience. Radio Jockey needs a good command over language and voice modulation whereas entertainment aims to reach out to the target audience. Even today radio is one of the most popular choices among people. And there is a large audience who listens to podcasts even today. This makes it a great opportunity for those who are pursuing it to thrive more with the coming demand.

Public Relations: Public relations came into existence not long before. But as soon as it arrived, it went into boom being a gateway for career opportunities. Public Relations is the art of using tactics and strategies to manage and disseminate information among the public and media. PR are those who are responsible for conducting news conferences, talk shows with journalists, and managing a brand’s reputation or press releases. The main responsibility of the PR is to elevate the brand’s image, work with larger organizations, etc.

Broadcasting: Broadcasting means to distribute the content either in the form of audio or video to cater to larger audiences. It is a spectrum that can fit different people into one. Television is something that falls under broadcasting as a medium. With the emergence of media, broadcasting is evolving at a faster rate. Here are the names of a few of the career opportunities that fall under broadcasting:

  • Production Assistant
  • Camera Operator
  • Sound Engineer
  • Content Producer
  • Broadcast Engineer

Digital Communication: Globalization expanded and brought a whole new field as a result of digitalization. Digital Communications are touching the skies with a mammoth-sized demand. This type has the internet as its embodiment where markets are looking to operate the business digitally. Below are a few of the job opportunities in this field

  • Content manager
  • Creative writer
  • SEO agent
  • Digital marketer

Summing up, 

 What often overwhelms students is to know the plethora of career opportunities available after BMM. It won’t be always easy to land into a career tailored to your interest as the specializations of this course are very often alike and related. Hence to know which career aligns with your skills, it is advisable to take up internships to gain knowledge from the surface of each field. Furthermore, if you are more confused about how to opt for one path, we will be happy to assist you with our career counseling session. by which we assure you that all the blurred frames are in your head.