I am Confused about my Career After LLB what to do?
career after LLB

Law is said to be one of the oldest and most esteemed academic fields. Finishing your LLB marks the end of your academic journey and the dawn of your professional career. Many assume that getting a degree in law can only lead to a career as a courtroom lawyer, but the options are far more diverse. 

If you are a recently graduated law student and have questions as to what career opportunities await you, then this article is for you. 

Significance of LLB:

In India, the pursuit of a degree in law is on the rise as it emerges as a sought-after academic field for people interested in building a career in law. LLB covers an array of topics like constitutional law, criminal law, contract law, and administrative law which aids a person in becoming a lawyer who specializes in a particular field. 

Keeping in mind the ever-changing landscape of law, there is an anticipated surge in the demand for legal assistance. Hence, there are a variety of career opportunities after LLB which come with substantial career growth. Let’s dive into some of those opportunities: 

Top 10 Best Career Options after LLB:

  • Litigation: 

The most obvious one is a career in litigation. It is also the most sought-after career path for any LLB graduate. It is a must for all law graduates to enroll with the State Bar Council and to clear the All India Bar Council examination to get their practice started. It’s also mandatory to do an internship under a law firm or a senior advocate. It will involve drafting papers and lots of hours researching cases. This will ease your way into becoming a good lawyer. 

  • Corporate Lawyer/Counselor: 

It is considered to be one of the most popular career choices for a LLB degree holder. All corporations need legal advice for negotiating contracts, compliance of all policies and regulations, mergers and acquisitions, and other business issues. You can counsel either as an employee or by operating as a full-time counselor. 

  • Cyber Law: 

The field of IT is a minefield of data breaches, malicious attacks and other cybercrimes. Thus, there is an increasing demand for Cyber Law Experts to help navigate through the treacherous waters of the digital world. You also ensure compliance in the digital realm, thus ensuring the safety of individuals and organizations. Starting out on a career in cyber law makes way for a plethora of career choices like Cyber Assistant, Cyber Lawyer, or Cybersecurity Forensic Expert. You can work at Corporations, MNCs, Government institutions, or Law enforcement agencies. 

  • Legal Advisor: 

Legal Advisor is another great option for a law graduate. You can work as a legal advisor to the corporate sector, firms, organizations, or individuals. You can work on a project basis and offer your legal advice for drafting contracts, and legal documents, resolving conflicts, making strategies, issues with compliance, and risk mitigation. 

  1. Government Services: 

Law graduates are also hired for Indian Legal Services and many other posts. For example, Legislative Counsel in the Legislative Department and Legal Advisors in the Legal Affairs Department. The candidates will need to clear the exams which are held by the UPSC and the SPSC. The qualified candidates will also be eligible to join the Indian Navy, Air Force, and Army. You also have the choice to become an Assistant Public Prosecutor or a Public Prosecutor. 

  • Law Professor: 

Law graduates who have a strong academic record and the skill to share their knowledge can pursue a career in legal academia. For this, you will need to have a Masters’s degree in Law where you can choose a specialization that will enable you to gain expertise in that particular field. You can further pursue a PhD in your chosen field, which will enable you to become a professor in Govt. Universities and Pvt. Universities. 

  1. Law Author: 

If you possess the skill of writing and have a deep understanding of the law, then this is the right career option for you. You have an important role in simplifying legal knowledge and passing it on to the public for their understanding. You can work with publishing or media houses and help the public become educated regarding legal services. You can also publish law books which are used by law students. 

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): 

This is one of the upcoming career choices for law graduates. We expect a huge boom in the demand for law graduates as ADR professionals. Everyone, including corporations, individuals, and even government bodies, understands the benefits of avoiding dragged-out court battles. Unlike the traditional courtroom, ADR focuses on finding efficient and economical solutions that are acceptable to all the parties involved. This includes using methods like mediation and arbitration to help parties resolve legal disputes outside the formal legal setting. 

  • Human Rights Advocate: 

Pursuing a career in Human Rights is one of the most noble and impactful career choices for a law graduate. You can dedicate your legal services to defending and advocating for the basic rights of individuals. You will be involved in resolving issues related to discrimination, equality and justice for the people of marginalized communities and economically disadvantaged individuals. You can provide your services to Government, Inter-Government, and NGOs. 

  • Judiciary: 

Law graduates can also pursue a career in Judicial machinery of India as a Magistrate. You will need to clear a Judicial exam conducted by the Public Service Commission. Once you clear the exam, you will be qualified to be appointed as a Magistrate, Subjudge or Munsif. You can go on to climb the ladder to the District Judge and Session Judge or become a Public Prosecutor after gaining some years of experience. 

Other Career Options

Apart from the above-mentioned career choices for law graduates, you can also pursue a career in the following options: 

  • Politics: 

Are you someone interested in the governance of India or someone with a background in politics, you can enter politics. Although in our nation, there’s no need for any educational qualification to join politics, a degree in law will help you as you already have in-depth knowledge of Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. There are many examples of lawyers who turned into politicians such as Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Kapil Sibal and many more. 

  • Researcher : 

Another option for a law graduate would be to become a Legal researcher. You would be responsible for research on different cases and coming up with solutions to win a case. Lawyers in litigation often need such legal researchers to help them to get a deeper understanding into their cases. 

  • Legal Analyst: 

A law graduate also has the choice to join law firms or corporates to assist them in the analysis of the legal environment with regards to their firm. You will need to own a license to practice law. You will assist attorneys in drafting legal documents, keeping track of changes in the law and providing analysis of their potential impact on the firms or organizations. 

  • Civil Services: 

Several law graduates wish to pursue a career in the Indian Civil Services. You can become a part of the administrative services as an IAS, IPS, ICLS and others. You have to clear competitive exams conducted by the UPSC and SPSC. 

  • Immigration Lawyer: 

As an immigration lawyer, you will be responsible for representing the individual who is involved in the immigration process which includes both illegal and legal citizens and also refugees who wish to reside in our country, run a business or seek employment. 


We have discussed above the various lucrative career choices for Law graduates. Hopefully, we have helped you make an informed decision which should also take into account your preference. You must make sure that whatever you choose to do after getting a law degree is aligned with your aspirations and career goals.