Why Study in Ireland? A Comprehensive Guide For Academic Degrees, Qualifications, And Scholarship Opportunities
Study in Ireland

Not making a roadmap for your studies beforehand can cost you a lot in the future. When you know what you want to pursue and have a plan in your hand with execution in mind, then you are already one step closer to your success. Every student wants a quality education; they dream about their university, the campus, the environment, and the courses that excite them. 

You can’t deny the fact that the quality of education in Ireland is way more worthy and creditable. No wonder why students show a keen interest in moving to Ireland as this place is packed with exceptional universities, scholarship opportunities, brilliant academic degrees, and many more things to explore with no end.

What are the perks and other related benefits you can avail yourself of while studying in Ireland, and what makes it a preferred choice among students now? You will get to know the answers to all these questions in this blog. Let’s learn what Ireland can offer you.

Why Study in Ireland?

The very first and foremost question arises: why only Ireland? What is there in Ireland that other countries lack? Well, there is a full-fledged list on this, which you can refer to below:

  • Affordable Education

When we think of studying abroad, the first thing that stresses everyone out is the cost. We check whether we can afford the cost of accommodation and studying abroad. When it comes to a country like Ireland, you don’t need to worry about it. 

The top-ranked universities of Ireland offer reasonable tuition fees and a range of scholarships, too. Apart from this, you can also explore part-time work to cover your expenditure. However, your fees vary depending on the course and university you choose to study at.

  • Academic Performance

In the case of academic excellence, the universities of Ireland are listed among the top 100 universities in the world. They are known to serve students in every field, from the humanities to science to business, at its best. 

Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, and University College Dublin bear an excellent rank in the world. Here, you get to collaborate with internationally acclaimed faculty and research facilities to expand your horizons and excel academically and intellectually.

  • Diverse Range of Courses

Irish universities are limited to certain courses. They are continuously flourishing themselves with wider choices in the courses they offer to every student. From the very basic to the advanced subject matter, Irish universities know no boundaries. 

Arts, business, engineering, commerce, medicine, sciences, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence are also part of the list of courses that you can easily ask for at any university in Ireland. Together, these significant courses with extraordinary teaching staff create a path of success for you.

  • Post-Study Work Visa

One more privilege which can be added to this list is a post-study work visa. This specific visa you avail after the completion of your studies. One year stay-back visa for bachelor students and two years stay-back visa for masters students. This is how the Irish government offers you a chance to apply for permanent residency in Ireland. Most of the students chose to stay and work in Ireland because of the vibrant and diverse community of people and culture there. 

  • Mesmerizing Landscape

Ireland is known for its breathtaking beauty and mesmerizing landscapes. The quality of life in Ireland ranks in the top 20 countries in the world. Ireland is packed with iconic scenery and greenery all around. Studying at such a place lightens up your mind and mood. 

You can feel the peace in the air and environment of Ireland itself. If you are someone who never leaves a chance to explore the distinctive and surreal sides of nature, then Ireland awaits you. The mountains, the oceans, and the green landscape of Ireland have beauty that you won’t ever witness in other countries of the world.

What Are The Featuring Academic Degrees At Irish Universities?

Irish universities offer you a plethora of academic degrees in every field that interests you. These degrees are as follows:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Business Analytics
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Computer Science
  5. Education
  6. Engineering
  7. Management
  8. Mathematics
  9. Agriculture
  10. Art 
  11. Bachelor’s of Arts
  12. Chemistry 
  13. Finance
  14. Bachelor of Engineering
  15. Development Practice
  16. Digital Media
  17. Economics
  18. Healthcare
  19. Master Degrees
  20. Medicine
  21. Social Sciences
  22. Environmental Science and Technology 
  23. Accounting
  24. Data Science
  25. Cyber Security
  26. Pharmaceuticals
  27. Cloud Computing

These are the popular courses in which you can bear a bachelors or masters degree. You can explore many more other courses in different universities and areas of study.

Qualifications And Scholarship Opportunities

To get into top-notch universities in Ireland, there are some qualifications or verified documents you need to submit. The list of these documents is attached below:

  1. Portfolio (If you are applying for an architecture program or any art and design course)
  2. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  3. Letter of Recommendation (If you have some work experience, you can showcase your skills through LOR)
  4. Academic Resume
  5. IELTS or Internet-based TOEFL
  6. Marksheet of X and XII standard
  7. Bachelor’s degree in Higher Education
  8. Proof of Funds
  9. Health Insurance
  10. Passport 
  11. Additional Certificates or Achievements
  12. Study Visa

What Are The Scholarship Opportunities?

You can minimize the cost of studying abroad by passing the scholarship tests or opportunities offered to international students. 

These scholarships are majorly divided into three types:

  • University Scholarships
  • Government of Ireland Scholarships
  • Scholarships offered by other organizations

Given below is the set of some of the most popular scholarships in Ireland for international students to pursue their education in their dream university of Ireland:

  1. Ireland Government Scholarships
  2. Fulbright Scholarships
  3. Walsh Fellowship
  4. Centenary Scholarship Program
  5. Central Bank of Ireland Undergarments Scholarships for International Students
  6. NUI Galway International Students Scholarship

To grab a seat in these scholarships, you are strongly advised to maintain good academic scores, relevant letters of recommendation, written proposals (if needed), and English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. Scholarships make your academic journey more smooth and convenient, and you don’t have to worry much about your tuition fees. You can explore more about the above-mentioned scholarships and prepare yourself for the best.

In A Nutshell!

Ireland is already home to so many international students with desires and aspirations in their hearts to excel in their careers rather than just wandering around Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom, where studies are almost unaffordable for people. You can discover much better options in Ireland, such as scholarship opportunities and aids to benefit the students. 

Other than this, regular touch with an experienced career counselor can make a huge difference in making your dream of studying abroad come true. Mind Mirror is all you need to get into your favorite university. Here, experienced counselors will assist you throughout your bright career in Ireland.