I Am Confused About My Career After Nursing.. What to Do?
Career After Nursing

Nurses are the heart of healthcare

                                             Donna Wilk Cardillo

The quotation above really applies to nurses. An actual difference in a patient’s life is made by nurses. Nurses offer hope to people who are experiencing their worst moments. Patients also believe that when someone looks after them well and speaks to them in a kind manner, the patient feels mentally okay and will soon recover. Therefore, if you are considering nursing as a career path, you undoubtedly realize that it takes a combination of science and empathy to treat patients. It’s a procedure that combines specialized core education with a deep desire to support and guide others through their recovery.

5 benefits of why choosing to become a nurse is a good career choice

Nursing as a degree helps you advance your professional and personal abilities, the crucial two things that many employers desire. The other factors why nursing is selected as a career choice is:

  • Nursing as a profession is valued and respected

The profession holds dignity in every heart and moreover the nursing profession holds the highest ethics and honesty score ever.

  1.  Nurses have versatile work to do on a daily basis

Every patient is different and each day the patient’s mood and mindset differs. Nurses get the chance to lift the patient with joy and relieve them from the pain they go through. Nurses’ profession is much more than just medical treatment.

  • Complete job satisfaction

When a nurse helps a patient get out of the hospital or clinic, they get a joyful feeling that words cannot describe. This is due to the fact that nurses receive the greatest compliment—that is, patients never forget the care they had from the nurse when they were ill. This makes a nurse’s heart happy.

  • Nurses have stability in their work

The pharmaceutical and medical industries are scaling up. The number of hospitals and laboratories is growing daily. Additionally, the corporate sector provides basic medical coverage for its staff members and employees. The BLS (Basic Life support) reports mentions that there is an increasing need for nurses to care for those with chronic illnesses. Hence, going forward, nursing as a profession will be evolving at a fast pace.

  • Perks and benefits provided to nurses are very impressive

Clinics, hospitals, and physician offices provide great perks to draw and retain qualified and trained nurses. In addition to basic advantages like paid sick leave, health and life insurance, travel nurses also get paid for living and working in a different city and for quickly filling a post that is in high demand. Benefits to pay for travel costs and a stipend for lodging, food, and other expenses are also included among them.

Career opportunities in Nursing

The benefits in Nursing are numerous and so are the job opportunities in this field. There are plenty of career prospects for nurses due to the abundance of positions in the government and private sectors. The demand in the medical field for graduates in nursing is rising steeply.

Job opportunities for nursing degrees are split into two categories namely Government sector and private players.

Some of the job opportunities in the government sectors are:

  • Military nurse

This is why nursing as a career choice becomes a respectful and proud career choice. Nurses in this field work for the defense sector. They assure medical aid and provide treatment for wounded soldiers. They work in both army hospitals and on the ground for the military.

  • Psychiatric nurse

As the name suggests, a psychiatric nurse carries out professional nursing tasks in the treatment of mentally ill and emotionally unstable patients. They also collaborate with health treatment teams and other staff members in the diagnosis and planning of care for these patients. Soldiers go through a lot in the battlefield and nurses play an important part in treating them both physically and emotionally.

  • Registered Nurses:

Registered Nurses evaluate and determine the needs of their patients, then carry out their treatment plan. Additionally, they make sure that patient care is carried out in compliance with the rules and regulations set by their employer.

Note: Nurses who would like to pursue a career in the government sector need to clear the national/state level entrance exam conducted for the purpose of nursing in government hospitals and other sector organizations.

Some of the job opportunities in the private sector are:

  • Staff nurses

Hospital staff nurses can be found as members of the team in the wards, theaters, and outpatient departments. Their responsibilities include taking charge of doing the first evaluation of patients, keeping an eye on their vital signs, and assisting them in getting better.

  • Home care Nurse

A home health nurse’s main duties involve maintaining a watch on vital signs, conducting tests, tending to wounds and injuries, evaluating healing, and giving treatments. Most of the patients who appoint home care nurses are either severely ill or are elderly people. Hence, following each visit, home care nurses discuss with the doctor and prepare short reports. Nurses who opt for this develop a personal relationship with patients and family as they get to be with them for a longer time.

  • An Executive nurse

In a nursing organization, the senior ranking administrative position is that of nurse executive. In addition to managing patient care services, they also head the nursing staff and make administrative choices that further the organization’s objectives.

  • Industrial Nurses

The vital part of this operation in the industrial sector is the nurse. The industrial nurse’s areas of expertise will be evaluating occupational health and safety concerns and treating patients who sustain injuries or fall unwell at work.

The career options in this field are numerous. Other career choices in regards to nursing include nursing assistants, nursing supervisors and nurse educators. A choice can also be made by nursing degree is specialization as a child nurse, elderly nurse, Mental health nurse, a therapist and a counselor.

Scope of Nursing Career in Abroad 

These days nursing is one such profession where there are no geographical restrictions on the scope of nursing. There are numerous career options for nurses overseas too. As long as they fulfill the national requirements, nurses can work in any nation.

In fact,  there is a scarcity of trained nurses in nations like Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. In these nations, the real need for nurses is much more than the nursing graduates in the country. Apart from that, countries such as Australia and New Zealand have loosened their immigration regulations regarding nurses.  It is even permissible for nurses to bring their spouses and families along.

Not just ease in visa processing but the pay, benefits and perks are also lucrative abroad. One of the major factors for this is the currency exchange rates.

How to improve your chances of getting a job in this field?

Work experience is always an added advantage to work in any industry but gaining experience is highly advised in a healthcare industry to ace up your chances in getting a job. work experience not only expands sector expertise but also provides a chance to network with influential people. To get ready, consider volunteering at a hospital, working as a healthcare assistant, or gaining any other experience in the medical field that offers providing care for others.

Final Words

Our world is evolving so quickly that uncertainty and instability are inevitable. Our careers and job security can at times show signs of instability. However, certain professional routes provide an opening to much-needed stability and opportunity. A career as a nurse is one of those routes. If you are one of them who is looking to make a real difference with an impact in the lives of people, then Nursing is a right career choice to make.