I am confused about my career after 12th.. What to do?
I am confused about my career after 12th.. What to do?

Completion of 12th is nothing but an achievement in itself as it elevates one step to the ladder of success. However, it falls flat when one gets confused in the loophole of career opportunities. In today’s time, there are multitudes of options available to choose the career path. With the world getting powered by globalization, every other day has become the emergence of new career aspects. 

And this has created various crossroads for a student to choose and walk on. That makes it an important decision to make at this juncture for one to go with. So within this blog, we will be exploring the comprehensive guide that can work as a compass for everyone who just passed their 12th. This guide aims to help you to show the path where interest, motivation, and goals align. So let’s embark on the exploration that can make you well-versed with plenty of options available.

What to do after the 12th?

First of all, a classification must be done of the streams. Within the pages that unfold, we will be covering the career choices that can be made after pursuing the following streams. Generally, there are three streams: 

  • Science
  • Arts/ Humanities
  • Commerce

Following is the further classification of the career choice which can be chosen: 

  • Science Stream

Science Subject comes with a combination of subjects where Physics and Chemistry are mandatory. But students can still make choices between Mathematics and Biology. Another, striking benefit for those with a science background is that they are eligible to choose any science and non-science subjects. This makes it a point to consider for those who are willing to change their stream after class 12th. The students can apply for pure Science and Applied Science as well. Let’s explore the best choices students can make related to science subjects: 

Best career choice after 12th Science 

  • Technology

Courses to do: Bachelor of Science and Computer Science (B.Sc.) , Bachelor of Computer applications(BCA) , Bachelor of technology in information technology ( B.Tech)

Career Opportunities: Few such examples are Data Analyst, Web Developer, Information Security Analyst, Data Scientist, Software Engineer etc 

  • Medical

Courses to do: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS), Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Bachelor in Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc), Bachelor of Physiotherapy – B.Pth or BPT

Career Opportunities: Dentist, Physiotherapist, Specialized doctors in various fields.

  • Engineering

Courses to do: B.E/B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, B.E/B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, B.E/B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, B.E/B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, B.E/B.Tech in Civil Engineering

Career Opportunities: Product Designer, Chemical Engineer, Mathematician,

  • Forensic Science

Courses to do: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Forensic Science, Bachelors of Criminology

Career Opportunities: Forensic Expert, Investigative officers, Crime scene Investigators, Forensic Scientists, Crime Reporters, Handwriting Experts, Fingerprint Experts

  • Nautical Science

Courses to do: Diploma in Nautical Science, BSc in Nautical Science 

Bachelor of Technology Nautical Science 

Career Opportunities: Merchant Navy Officer, Nautical Surveyor, Harbor Pilot, Marine Surveyor

  • Aviation

Courses to d: B.B.A. in Airport Management, Diploma in Airport Management , BSc Aviation, BSc Aviation Technology 

Career Opportunities: Aviation Management,Aircraft Manufacturing,Airline Management, Pilot, Aerospace Engineer

  1. Arts/ Humanities Stream 

There is no such stream as the Humanities/ Arts which provides a wide array of opportunities to choose a career. This stream has been crafted in a way that looks after the holistic development of the person making it the best choice to choose after class 12.

Best career choice after class 12th Humanities/ Arts

   1. Designing: By simply pursuing any courses related to designing, a person can follow the careers like 

Career Opportunities: Interior Designer,Fashion Designer,Industrial Designer, UI/UX Designer,Web Designer, Architect, Textile Designer, Jewelry Designer

   2. Social Worker: Various Certification Courses, Diploma Courses, and Bachelor Courses can open the door for following careers

Career Opportunities: Clinical Social Worker, School Social Worker, Medical Social Worker

   3. Law: Simply by pursuing law, a student can become 

Career Opportunities: Lawyer, Corporate Counsel,Public Prosecutor,Judicial Services,Legal Consultant, Legal Analyst

  4. Hotel Management

Courses to do: Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), BBA in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, BSc in Hospitality & Administration

Career Opportunities: Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Event Planner, Travel Agent, Airline Customer Service Manager, Hospitality Consultant

 5. Journalism and Communication: Doing the course of Mass Communication and Journalism, is a road full of scope.

Career Opportunities: Social Media Manager, Media Research Analyst, Advertising Account Executive, Radio Jockey (RJ), Journalist, News Editor, Copywriter.

 6. Fine Arts: Being a course in itself, Fine Arts provides a diverse set of skills to learn which leads to following career opportunities: 

Career Opportunities :Sculptor, animation artist, Graphic  designer, Illustrator

 7. Performing Arts: Under this section, manu courses are being sub classified which differs according to the skill. 

Career Opportunities :Actor, Dancer, Film director,  Theater manager, Choreographer Theater director

 8. Commerce: If finance and economy have always been your grounds of interest does mean that commerce is a stream made for you. The stream offers a plethora of options to students after class 12th.

Best career choice after class 12th Commerce

By pursuing the following courses, student and open the gateway to get into the career like 

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Business Administration
  4. Insurance
  5. Stock Marketing
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Event Management
  8. Data Analytics
  9. Company Secretary
  10. Chartered Accountant

Courses to pursue: 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Economics (BSc Economics)
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  • Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
  • Bachelor of Finance and Investment Analysis (BFIA)
  • Bachelor of Financial Markets (BFM)
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)

Summing up, 

In the end, which course best serves you depends on the interest, research a goal of the person. Good research is the key to getting the best career choice. It’s advisable to go with counseling before choosing anything as it is the decision of a lifetime. The options and opportunities available are diverse but it depends upon the student to understand what each course has to offer. So don’t seek the unknown path and go with guidance from professionals, career counselors, etc.