DMIT Testing for Working Professionals

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Enhance your professional success with Mind Mirror's DMIT Test for Working Professionals

Are you a working professional who is confused about what career role to choose? Do you feel the workplace you are in is not for you? Are you having a hard time deciding your career path? Don’t worry! The key to this is to know yourself better. But how? Well, MindMirror is here for that! Being a mirror to yourself, we at MindMirror show you a lane which is made for you to walk on. 

In the quest to make you know yourself better, MindMirror offers an exclusive DMIT test service through which you can analyse your personality with your fingertips! 

What is DMIT?

DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. It is a scientific study which is proven to understand patterns of a person’s behaviour through fingerprints. There are five lobes called Prefrontal, Frontal, Parietal, Temporal, and Occipital in the brain which are directly related to the fingers on hand. In this study, a person’s fingertips are tested to analyse the personality of the person to know the person’s interests, talents and learning. This can identify which learning process, career and professional path best aligns with the traits of the person.

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Process of DMIT

Step 1

Fingerprint Collection

All the fingers of both hands need to be scanned with a digital scanner. This is because each finger shows different characteristics. Therefore, there is a need to go for scanning for both. 


 Step 2

Data Entry

After that, the fingerprints are analysed by the computer to produce data.

Step 3


Through parameters, analysis is being done where ridge count and pattern are considered.

Step 4

Result Generation

After that, the interpretation of recorded data is done, according to which results are generated. Following, the consultation takes place.

What DMIT measures?

The biggest benefit of DMIT is that it helps you in tailoring the best career choice for the person. It helps one to understand which learning style suits the person. Here’s a sneak peek at what DMIT measures: 


4 Dominant Personality Styles

Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.


9 Kinds of Intelligence

Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-kinesthetic, Musical, Existential, Naturalistic, Interpersonal, and intrapersonal.


5 learning style

Visual Learning, AuditoryLearning, Kinesthetic Learning, Reading/Writing Learning, Social Learning.


5 different quotients

Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Adversity Quotient (AQ), Creativity Quotient (CQ), and Spirituality Quotient (SQ)

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Vertika Sarkari

What are the benefits of the DMIT?

DMIT test is not just for students! DMIT showers innumerable benefits which escalate the professional growth of organisations and young professionals. 

Here’s how young professionals benefit from DMIT as it serves several benefits to a person.

Career Planning

There are many cases at MindMirror who have gained clarity of career with the DMIT test. DMIT can help you with career advancement by letting you know which role fits you. 

Skill Development

Writing or speaking or managing? What are you good at? Well, this can be simply debunked through the DMIT test. It helps you understand which skills can be honed. This supports skill development and upskilling among professionals. 

Learning Strategies

DMIT helps in understanding one’s preferred style of learning. Visual Learning, Auditory,  Kinesthetic, Reading/Writing or Social or combination of styles? This test helps in revealing the answer to it, which in turn aids in developing learning strategies.

SWOT Analysis

DMIT assessment can help in understanding what stimulates the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. This can help in identifying the opportunities and threats. 

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Here's how organisations benefit from DMIT and why we urge them to encourage this test:

  • Helps in Recruitment: Recruiters nowadays encourage DMIT assessment as it helps them to designate a post to the person. It also helps HR in deciding which ideal candidate to choose. 
  • Strategical Training: DMIT can help employers to recognise and enhance the skills of the works. It also facilitates the development of strategies to improve employees. 
  • Maintain organisational culture: Understanding the behaviour of employees helps employers to maintain a balanced organisational structure. It creates a constructive dialogue which infuses discipline, harmony, inclusivity and a dynamic work atmosphere. 

Why Trust DMIT with Mindmirror?

Let’s not beat around the bush. MindMirror is simply your go-to solution for career planning because the DMIT test services it offers are unparalleled. 

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  • Our technology is U.S. patent as we stay up with the latest trends. 
  • We have trustworthy operators who analyse your reports.
  • We respect your privacy without leakind your personal information.
  • We create handy reports for you to help you understand your potential.
  • We clearly communicate and provide insight into your results to help you draw a path for you. 

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Why Choose Mind Mirror?

At MindMirror, we don’t believe in talking big! We provide the best DMIT services in Jaipur to help you advance your career. But here is the reason why we our trusted by students and parents alike: 

  • We at MindMirror have experienced career counselors on board who have years of expertise with the background to assist students. We meticulously craft a path for students and professionals to thrive and spark on.
  • We at MindMirror provide post assistance. After the DMIT test and reports, we won’t leave you! We stay to support you until you get your academic path or professional certifications. 
  • We are your trendspotter. Ask how? Because we always stay up to trends, knowing what career path and degree is booming in the industry and how much benefit you can get out of it. 
  • MindMirror because we are a good listener. Just a DMIT test is not enough! For career advancement, it’s equally important for us to know your interests and passions. That’s why we patiently listen and address all your queries.

Unlock the new secret to success with MindMirror!

We are not palmistry. But you know what? We can help you step up the ladder of success with the DMIT test. Affordable. Trustworthy. Effective. What more are you looking for? Come and connect with us today and see how success paves its way! 

What students usually ask us?


Career counselling is basically a process of making the students aware of the available career options for them as per their preference to study. Career development is a lifelong process and multiple factors affect your career decisions, including your area of interests, abilities, backgrounds, personalities, values, and circumstances. Career counselling helps you in understanding yourself and the corporate world in order to ensure better career, educational, and life decisions

We have a highly-efficient team of specialists who have a deep understanding of the student’s problems and have the ability to offer better counselling to them. Our career counsellors guide the pupils in developing awareness about career options and future job scopes. The expert counsellors take the students’ psychometric assessment and assist them in making the right decision.

It is quite common that students get stuck in the crucial stage of life. They do not know how to move ahead or which path to choose in order to get the best education and earn a high income in the future. In such a stage, students seek expert assistance from professionals so that they can make a perfect decision regarding their ambition and career. Career counsellors Curominds hold your hand and provide a vision to look to the best options after digging into your strengths and weakness.

With our career counselling, you can learn a great deal about your personality, hobbies, and way of acting. You can set attainable objectives and gain clarity about your profession with the aid of Mind Mirror’s career counsellors.

We investigate the patterns on our fingers using a technique called DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test). Our brains have five lobes: the prefrontal, frontal, parietal, temporal, and occiput. These 5 lobes are separated into 2 portions each because our brain is divided into the Left Brain and the Right Brain. When the kid is still in the mother’s womb, between the 13th and the 19th week of gestation, these lobes grow. Additionally, our fingerprints are created concurrently. The 10 lobes of the brain are connected by 10 fingers, each of which is connected to a specific lobe of the brain. Understanding a person’s innate potential is made easier by the DMIT analysis.

For every student and professional, career counselling is essential. The ideal career counsellor will combine your abilities and hobbies to help you choose the greatest career route for you. The benefit of career counselling is that it gives you a third perspective on your job options that is pragmatic and realistic.