CUET FAQs 2024 – Attempts, Eligibility, and Other Doubts Resolved
CUET FAQs 2024

Every student is comprehensively researching the CUET  2024. This is because CUET  has become a vital part of students’ life. Being a single window exam to get admission to prestigious universities, it is a great opportunity for students to get into good colleges. However, this comes with pressure to go a mile to score well. But as the exam comes closer, many questions pop up in my head regarding it. At Mind Mirror, we help you by guiding you with structured queries to all your questions.

Within this blog, we will be resolving a few such queries that are important to address before you give CUET  2024. 

What is CUET? 

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET ) organized by the National Testing Agency is conducted for students who are seeking admission to the University to pursue undergraduate courses. The examination is for everyone who wishes to study programs at the Centre, State, Private, or Deemed level of University. 

To appear in the exams of CUET, it is mandatory for students to fill out the form at exam Thereafter, a student has to choose subjects and start preparing accordingly. If you have any particular questions regarding the subjects to opt for in CUET, the below-given link can help you resolve the queries. 


Attempts and Eligibility

Within the pages ahead, we will be discussing everything about the eligibility and attempts regarding CUET. 

Eligibility: There is no age limit to appear in the exams, until as of now for CUET. However, to appear in the exam, a person has to fulfill both “common CUET  criteria” and “program and college-specific CUET  eligibility criteria.” CUET doesn’t restrict anyone by age but it’s better to check the eligibility criteria of universities one is aspiring to be in. Universities often have certain criteria to get a seat.  

Next, the question might appear in your mind on how many attempts one can make for a CUET  exam. Here is the answer to the following: 

How many times I can take a CUET exam? 

As per the official website, NTA hasn’t suggested or prescribed any attempt limit for CUET  2024. What has been confirmed is that CUET  will be conducted once a year. This means one can take up the CUET  even after they fail without any restrictions on attempts. 

Moving on to other such questions… 

I missed my CUET  exam. What should I do? 

If you have missed your CUET  exams, here are a few of the steps you can follow: 

  1. Contact the university or testing authority: Immediately contact the university or testing authority and check the alternative test date. Enquire about any make-up dates available for students who missed the exam and proceed with the same.
  2. Explore alternative options: If you don’t find any alternative dates, prefer to check another option to get admission to the aspired University. 
  3. Check for rescheduling: In certain cases, the University opens the window to re-appear in the examination. For that, a student has to stay updated by staying in touch with the NTA and the university
  • The important thing to note is that if you have scored higher than the average in any other subject, you can still get admission to the particular college. Even, if you have missed one exam, you can appear for others. 

Can I take a drop for CUET  2024? 

Absolutely, yes. Students are free to drop the CUET  Entrance exam for 2024 and appear next year. If you are the one who hasn’t practiced enough and wishes to appear next year are allowed to do so. However, do check whether the particular university would admit you once you take a drop. This is because it makes you a gap year student which few universities don’t accept easily. Please note that certain criteria are being set up for gap year students. 

Can a dropper give CUET  2024? 

Yes, a dropper is allowed to appear in the exams of CUET. But the only thing to note is to have proper reasoning for dropping out as it will be asked during the counseling session. Career counseling regarding the same is advised as it can help to know the clear path. 

Can I take the CUET  exam if I fail in one subject? 

If you have failed one or more than one subject in the 12th, you aren’t allowed to take CUET  exams. Considering the CUET  eligibility criteria, a minimum of 50% is required. If you fail in CUET  entrance exam, your admission depends upon the university or college. 

To sum it up, 

Within this article, we tried answering a few common questions about CUET  2024. Conduct thorough research before filling out the form and read all the guidelines issued by the NTA. CUET  can be useful in cracking admission to the high-reputed University. If you are further confused knowing how CUET  can benefit you in your career, get proper career guidance or reach out to us for help. 

Important Note: For more assistance, it is advisable to connect with NTA to get a reliable response.