How does career counselling play a significant role in our life?

Do you remember Kareena Kapoor’s dialogue from 3 Idiots, where she says that Indian parents want their sons to become engineers and daughters doctors? Well, children do use to go more in these two streams. However, the time has changed. Now day Youngsters are thriving in all kinds of professions. There are so many options from which youngsters can choose. It can be very overwhelming sometimes. Hurried and miscalculated career decisions can prove to be a blunder in the future. The best course to take while making such decisions is to take a professional’s advice. Today, you can easily find a proficient career counselor. There are many career counselors in India with high degrees.

Why do you need a professional career counselor?

Lets’ suppose you want to buy a car. Would you do it without asking for anyone’s guidance or suggestion? No, you would not. Then how can you choose your career without any help? As humans, when we are confused in life, we turn to our family and friends for advice. When it comes to career counselling, professional help is the best approach. A professional career counselor has a broad knowledge of every career option. They can give you extensive and unbiased information on any subject. Career counselors not only help you choose a career path but also achieve your goal. They suggest careers based on your interest and skills rather than based on favoritism. There are many additional benefits of hiring a professional counselor. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Make students self-aware-

Nowadays, many career counsellors take psychometric tests on students. These types of tests help students learn their soft skills and abilities. These tests aptly describe their strengths and weaknesses. Then the students can work on themselves accordingly. It is crucial to be self-aware; otherwise, people could choose the wrong career. Your career base should be your skills and capabilities.

Improve communication skills-

According to many studies, students learn more through communication-oriented activities rather than others. If you are a parent and your child is shy, you should seek career counselling in Jaipur. Counselors are communication experts and can help your child have better communication skills. Good communication-skill is crucial for a successful career. Whether your child wants to pursue higher studies or to take a job communication-skill are important.

Improving soft skills-

As a parent, you could put your child in career counseling sessions. Through various career counseling sessions, students can develop a problem-solving attitude that helps settle their career confusion. There are other soft skills like teamwork, conflict resolution, adaptability, and many more. Students need to learn these abilities from professionals to gain full benefits.

An overload of options: Should I choose Science or arts? Doctor or engineer? Professor or Lawyer? Nowadays, with so many career and college choices, it can easily overwhelm anyone. Finding a suitable college for your career guidance is even more challenging than finding a needle in a haystack. Career counselors have a better idea of what to do in such matters. They will tell you the best subject or career option for you. They can also help you get into universities abroad.

Overcome competition through counseling-

We all know, competition is increasing in every profession. There may be many career options for students, but not much scope. The students want to specialize in one subject for top placements. Certifications are necessary nowadays to improve the significance of your degree. Companies mostly hire people with apparent skills and an acceptable base-knowledge in their subject. Career counselors create a friendly environment so they can easily interact with students.

Big hurdles with small solutions-

A Career counselor is someone who helps students in every step of their careers. Career counselors always engage in student-related issues. They listen to the queries of students and offer acceptable solutions. Many students get confused about whether to take a job or pursue higher studies after graduation. The best way to approach such situations is to take the advice of a career counselor. They guide you in the best direction possible keeping your subject and job in mind. They compare both options unbiasedly. They contemplate all kinds of factors like fees for higher education, future scope in the job, etc.

Advantages of Career Counselling

As we have already established, career counselling is a significant factor for a successful career. If you choose the wrong career based only on your interest, you could fail because you didn’t have the right knowledge about the profession. If you choose the right subject but the wrong college, there goes your money to drain. Moreover, if you did not factor in your capabilities while choosing your career, you could never succeed. Once Albert Einstien said that Everybody is a genius but, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, people will believe that the fish is quite stupid. So, if you want to avoid these mistakes and have a successful career, choose a fine career counselor.


Now, you are aware of what is career counselling and its importance. You also understand the advantages and drawbacks of career guidance. In today’s world especially with the pandemic looming over our head, everyone’s day-to-day life is different. Students cannot attend school and colleges. They have to learn new methods of learning and adapt this online class system for the foreseeable future. So, in such difficult times, a career counselor or a mentor can boost their confidence and can also help the person to inculcate the best practices to achieve success in the future. Career counseling is also necessary because counselors use different logical strategies that help students in life. Career counseling can be very beneficial in building a student’s future, and it is equally important in the education system as well. As we know children nowadays are becoming having depression because of studies. When they are unable to handle study-stress, parents should take them to a career counselor. Career counselors help students to make a timetable according to their comfort and teach them how to study effectively.